Getting Started

Whether you have an immediate need for healthcare professionals, or anticipate a need in the future, Monarch staffing, Inc. is ready to serve you. Here is how our process works:

Steps to get started:

The first step is to present your staffing needs to a member of our client services department, who will review our practices and pricing with you and discuss how your service agreement can be customized to suit your staffing needs.

After you have reviewed and signed your service agreement, an Account Manager will be assigned to your facility. This person will manage all of your staffing orders and requests.

Your open positions will be made available to our recruiters nationwide, who will use our computerized matching system to find the candidates who possess the clinical skills and experience you require.

Your Account Manager will forward you the profiles of the candidates who fit your specified job description and who have expressed an interest in working at your facility.

You decide which candidates you want to interview by phone. Based on the interview, you will make an assignment offer to the appropriate traveler.

We will confirm the acceptance and handle all pre-arrival health and competency requirements.

Determining your staffing needs

As a client, you determine the length of the assignment, which can vary from four to 52 weeks, or as long as you request. We are here to deliver what you want. Travelers work the shift you specify and are scheduled as part of your staff for their entire assignment.

Safety training

All of our healthcare professionals are provided with a OSHA Safety Manual which covers the following: safety in the workplace, handling of hazardous materials, standards in patient care, pain management, patients’ bill of rights, age specific job requirements, infectious diseases, advance directives, restraints, organ donation and HIPAA. You will need to provide some site-specific orientation in order to comply with current OSHA regulations.

Your Client Service Team

A Client Service Team will be assigned to work specifically with your staff to ensure you receive timely delivery on all your requirements. Your Client Service Team includes a Regional Director of Client Services, a Hospital Account Manager and representatives from the Quality Management, Recruitment, Housing and Finance departments.